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Give Your Hair A New Look Through Hair Bonding

Posted by Pro Hair Labs on July 30, 2016 at 6:30 AM

Bonding is most popular, temporary weaving method and it is the best and quick way to add length and volume to your natural hair. The bonding Glue technique can be mastered with practice it and a friend. Once you mastered this bonding method you will save lots of money by “doing it yourself”


  • Always make sure that hair is clean and dry. And don't apply any conditioner because it will leave an oily film on your hair that will weaken the bond.

  • Decide on the hairstyle you want and how you will apply the hair weft.

  • Starting from the back of your head, section the hair by making a narrow part along with your natural hairline. Then place the remaining hair in a ponytail and out of the way.

  • Then measure and you need to cut hair weft to the desired width from ear to ear. And you need to make sure that you allow little natural hair on the sides in order to hide the hair weft.

  • Apply small bead of hair bonding glue along with the hair weft and wait until it become tacky. Take your time with this step because bonding glue can be quite sticky and stringy.

  • If you want a longer and stronger bond than you can heat seal the bonding by using a blow dryer over the track for a few seconds. Take care that keep your blow dryer moving back and forth over track to speed up the drying process, and be careful avoid burn.

  • Re-part by making narrow part another and continue all above steps, row by row until you get your desired amount of hair has been added.

Hair bonding glue dry clear and will have a strong bond. Only use bond dissolved to remove bonder hair extension. This can be easily mastered with practice and a friend. You can start with adding only 1 or 2 tracks until you can have mastered the technique. You can also wash hair as many bonding glues are water proof. Just need to avoid greasy conditioners, they will loosen the bonds.

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